In LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2019 report, some interesting data stands out: when choosing who to hire, 92% of talent professionals shared that soft skills weigh as much as or more than hard skills. And in 89% of the cases, bad hires lack soft skills.

How can I develop
my soft skills?


The Soft Skills Academy will help you develop your soft skills through an insightful, well-rounded structure.

All of this for ONLY £49 per month.

Weekly live sessions

Once a week, our Instructor Giulia Remondino holds a 2-hour session over Zoom where she tackles the topic of the month. Every session will be very different; some will be practical, others introspective, at times they will be more technical and other times they may be more focused on emotions. The goal of each session is to give you an opportunity to explore a topic in a creative way, increasing your knowledge about the concept but more importantly about yourself and about how to apply the concept in your life

Community (+buddy)

Being surrounded by a community of people who strive to learn and improve daily has the power to accelerate your growth. Through a group where you can share and read about the results everyone has, and a new buddy that you can connect with every week, you will be able to grow your network and experience the power of an environment that is committed to their growth.

4-week Cycles

To develop any skill, you cannot expect that one session will be enough. This is why we have created cycles in which we will explore different aspects of one soft skill over four weeks to give you the time to dive in and focus on each skill before moving on to the next one.


Goals help us to understand the direction we want to pursue and the actions we want to take. For every cycle, with your Mentor you will set a goal in one area of your life that you would like to improve: this will help you focus on it, and to see tangible results in your life one month at a time. Do you like extra bonuses? If you achieve your goal, you will receive a reward session where you will be able to dive even deeper into the monthly topic.

SSA Mentor

Having a guide to hold you accountable and help you overcome challenges that may rise along the way will ensure you grow at a faster pace than you would by yourself. Every week, you will meet your Mentor to have a quick check on how you are progressing towards your goal.

What soft skills
will i develop?

leadership. negotiation. empathy. sales. teamwork. communication.

A lot of research has been done on what soft skills you should focus on in order to be successful in your business/career. “Top 8 soft skills to develop”, “Top 25 skills you cannot miss”, “Top 12 soft skills everyone should have”...

The reason why it is so hard to agree on a top 10 is that soft skills are transferrable skills that for their own nature often find themselves being very intertwined with each other. Where do you draw a line between adaptability and flexibility? Can assertiveness really be considered separate from emotional management and communication?


become a leader. communicate better. build character. connect. learn new skills. be authentic. be happier. find accountability.

a taste of
their results

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Let me take a sneak peek at your next session

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